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Transporting a Car with a Car Hauler

By: admin admin | October 1, 2012 | Comments Off on Transporting a Car with a Car Hauler

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to bring a car somewhere, but cannot drive it there, Custom Trailers USA can provide the solution for you. Investing in a car hauler can make your trip a whole lot easier! Whether you have a race car, like to participate in car shows, or need to bring the grand prize to a carnival raffle, a car hauler can get your vehicle where it needs to be.

What is a Car Hauler?

A car hauler is a trailer that you can put a car into or on top of, depending on the type of hauler you use. There are two types; an enclosed car hauler and an open car hauler. Investing in a car hauler would be a wise choice if you frequently need to transport a car from one place to another without physically driving it there. For example, if you own car restoration business and have an older car you’ve fixed up and like to show off at shows and events to gain more business, but prefer not to add any more mileage to your vehicle, a car hauler would be perfect for you!

An Enclosed Car Hauler

An enclosed car hauler looks like a generic trailer, with the exception that it is designed to get a car in and out of it. Some common features include a ramp for easy access and a mechanism to hold the car in place while the trailer is moving. An enclosed car hauler protects your vehicle from the weather and adds an extra level of safety because your vehicle is locked up the car hauler.

The best part about getting an enclosed car hauler from Custom Trailers USA is all the unique customization options available. You can add a display window; allowing people to see your car yet still keep it inside the car hauler. If you have a lot of materials that you typically travel with, you can have extra storage spaces put into the car hauler so you can carry all of your materials in one location. Having custom graphics put on the outside of the trailer is a good way to get attention for your business even when your car is not visible. The outside of the trailer is also a great spot to display your marketing message and contact information. People will see your brand every time they go by the car hauler, whether you are traveling or already at your destination.

An Open Car Hauler

An open car hauler is more simple and less elaborate than an enclosed car hauler. It is basically a platform on wheels that attaches to the back of a towing vehicle. They do have ramps, just like enclosed trailers, yet they do not protect your vehicle from the weather. Usually an open car hauler is best for lightweight or standard sized cars that do not need the extra care and protection an enclosed car hauler would provide.

Transporting a vehicle can seem like a challenging task, yet with a car hauler, it does not have to be. Depending on your needs, you can pick from an open or enclosed car hauler. An open car hauler will get your vehicle from point A to point B, but remember, with an enclosed car hauler from Custom Trailers USA, you can protect your car from any bad weather, have a place to display custom graphics and your marketing message, and create all the storage space you need.

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