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At Custom Trailers USA, Stage Trailers are one of our specialties! With ATC’s expertise in engineering and craftsman builders you can be sure your portable stage will look great, function properly and hold up over the long haul. Custom Trailers USA will listen to your wants and desires and design a trailer that will enhance your marketing efforts. In todays market, businesses are looking for unique ways to stand out in the market place. Promotional mobile marketing trailers can give you edge and take you to audiences anywhere. And while you’re getting there, the trailer can have creative graphics and be a mobile bill board that is sure to build your brand image.

In addition to stages we can build fold out walls for more visuals, we can add sound systems and flat screen TV’s, we can create a reception area, provide bathrooms or kitchens. The roof can be used for higher elevation marketing or attract attention with flip-up signage that can be put up in minutes upon arrival at special events.

 Custom Stage Trailers for:

  • Exhibits
  • Bands
  • Shows and Events
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Theater
  • Assemblies


Your needs might be any size from 10′ to 53′ long, custom graphics, roof top signage, display cases, art galleries, fold-out stage platforms, custom stage lighting, mixers, amps, and equipment racks, speaker systems, multi-media centers – there are unlimited options and solutions for your mobile stage needs.

If you have a dream or a concept we’ll help you get it rolling. Here are some of our custom stage trailers from the past:

This custom mobile stage trailer was built to help children in need. The custom trailer will supply kids with brand new shoes, socks, back packs and other items. This mobile stage trailer will change kids lives take a look at all the pictures and see for your self.


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailer


This is a custom portable stage trailer we had built for a auction company out of Florida. 8.5′ x 24′ long with a 14′ stage.

Custom built aluminum trailer set up for living in as well as working in the feild or can be used as a hazmat trailer as well.


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerconcessions trailernew custom trailers


Stage & Mobile Marketing trailer was built to take to special marketing events. Trailer was fully equipped with cabinets, electrical service, finshed interior walls and floor, stage and 12V awning for out-door promotions.


custom trailernew custom trailersused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerconcessions trailer

Black 18’ Mobile Marketing Stage Trailer with 12′ Stage


S194456 #001 3D View --- Bird of Stage and Rear Ramp Deployed - Side Swing ClosedS194456 #002 Drawing 3D View --- Bird of Stage Deployed -Rear Ramp and Side Swing ClosedS194456 Wrapped #001 Front Driver CornerS194456 Wrapped #002 Passenger Front CornerS194456 Wrapped #003 Rear Passenger CornerS194456 Wrapped #004 Rear Driver CornerS194456 #008 Driver Rear Corner with rear ramp downS194456 #010 Looking Into Trailer from Rear Ramp - Stage Closed - Stage Deployment Gear Visible (No Jacks)S194456 #023 Ground Shot Facing Front of Stage and Awning DeployedS194456 #025 Cabinets Shot from Stage


Compact Stage Trailer with 12’ x 7’ stage is ready to take your product message to market. The Stage has spring assist, foldable viewing rail, portable aluminum grid steps, and an awning to protect stage area. Inside, the trailer is fully equipped with 12-volt (automobile) & 110-volt (household) electrical service and lights, finished walls, ceiling and finished floors, and 35 square-feet of counter space with cabinets for storage. The generator compartment is insulated and fully wired including a transfer switch, and it has an in-frame 24-gallon fuel storage tank so you can put your generator to use.

This 18’ Mobile Stage Trailer is tow-able by a 1500 series pickup or SUV, which makes it great for transporting and getting into smaller areas. With graphics, this trailer becomes a traveling billboard! Contact the guys at Custom Trailers USA for the perfect solution for your mobile marketing campaign.


Air Force Flight Simulator Trailer


S194344 #001 High Passenger Rear CornerS194344 #002 Low Passenger Rear CornerS194344 #003 Direct Rear Shot Lookining into Trailer Stage and Passage Door DeployedS194344 #004 Distant Driver Rear CornerS194344 #005 Front Driver Corner Passage Door and Stage DeployedS194344 #006 Interior Rear Looking Passenger Wheelbox Build-up VisableS194344 #007 Interior Shot Looking Through Deployed StageS194344 #008 Shot of On-Board Optional Equipment


Custom Trailers USA designed and built this mobile marketing trailer to hold and operate a flight simulator, simulating a United States Air Force aircraft. The simulator sat in the main part of the trailer and allowed citizens the opportunity to experience what it was like to fly a military aircraft.
This trailer includes a passenger side custom 10’ stage door, a fold-down safety railing around the waiting platform, a 120-volt package that includes a 50-amp breaker box, and an exterior power inlet with 25’ shore cord. Additionally, this trailer offers three interior receptacles, and four 48” florescent lights controlled by a wall switch, as well as a 55-amp converter with battery charger, one 220-volt receptacle, to power the simulator, a 2-ton winch, and a 15000 BTU air conditioning unit. By placing a frame over the passenger side wheel well, level to the stage, We Were Able To Eliminate Any Step-Into or Out-Of the Simulator.
What makes the stage door on this trailer so unique is the top half of the stage door swings up and the bottom half folds down. This was done to form a waiting protected platform for the next customer, in line, to enter the simulator. If the idea of offering your customers a chance to fly a military jet sounds intriguing, contact Custom Trailers USA to get started.

Mobile Orthodontics Stage Trailer


S194813 #001 Front Driver CornerS194813 #002 Front Passenger CornerS194813 #003 Rear Driver Corner Rear Concession Window ClosedS194813 #004 Rear Concession Window OpenS194813 #005 Rear Looking Shot of Stage with Awning Deployed


The exterior of this mobile marketing stage trailer was outfitted with a 12-foot stage with a spring-assist and LED lights just under the powered awning, a 6′ x 3′ concession door with flip up marquee in the rear of the trailer. The side door has been moved from the curb (passenger) side of the trailer to the roadside of the trailer, roof signage, front and rear scissor stabilizing jacks, screwless exterior, four 15 amp exterior outlets.

While the interior of this trailer was outfitted with an interior partition wall, 9 feet of interior cabinets, a swing out television, 18″ additional height throughout trailer, insulated screwless aluminum walls and ceiling, black coin rubber floor, a 15,00 BTU air conditioning unit with wall mounted thermostat, and wiring for gaming systems.

Give Custom Trailers USA a call with any questions and we can get a quote on a custom trailer to fit your needs.

Mobile Show Stage


S194725 #001 Driver FrontS194725 #002 Passenger FrontS194725 #003 Passenger RearS194725 #004 Driver RearS194725 #005 View of Stowed Awning and External LightsS194725 #006 Looking into Trailer Through Rear and Stage DoorsS194725 #007 Looking Straight into Trailer Through Stage DoorS194725 #008 Control PanelS194725 #009 Fold Out Steps


The exterior of this trailer is customized with screwless exterior aluminum, a custom 26′ stage door operated by 2-4000# winches, a powered 26-foot lateral arm awning, a four post automatic hydraulic leveling system, an upgraded adjustable height 3″ pintle coupler, and fold out steps under the side door.

The interior of this stage trailer was customized with five interior 48″ fluorescent lights, 24″ additional height throughout, and black coin rubber flooring on the floor, ramp, and stage area.

The electrical system includes two upgraded 12v powered roof vents, 9 interior and four exterior 20 amp receptacles, four waterproof exterior fluorescent lights, upgraded 100 amp breaker box.

Give Custom Trailers USA a call with any questions and we can get a quote on a custom trailer to fit your needs.

Mobile Command Trailer for Local Police Department


S194862 #001 Front Driver Corner -- Generator Door VisibleS194862 #003 Direct Shot of Rear with Lights OnS194862 #005 Front Passenger Corner -- Stage Door and Awning VisibleS194862 #009 Rear Looking Photo of Back Interior WallS194862 #010 Rear Looking Driver Side Interior WallS194862 #011 RestroomS194862 #013 Stage Door DeployedS194862 #014 Removable Aluminum Steps Beside StageS194862 #016 Fold Down Step


A local police department acquired this 8.5′ x 24′ trailer, intending to use the trailer as a mobile response unit. The trailer was outfitted to function as a mobile field office, a mobile command center. This multi-purposed trailer can also aid in the public relations and fund raising of the police department by allowing officers to serve concessions at special events.

The trailer is equipped with an onboard generator with a 24-gallon in-frame fuel tank and automatic transfer switch, 14 interior power receptacles, a 13,500 BTU climate control system, a 10′ stage door sheltered by a 15-foot awning, and a restroom. The lighting package includes L.E.D. interior lighting fixtures, four exterior halogen floodlights, to illuminate the immediate area around the trailer, and 2 exterior scare lights over the stage.

Give us a call with any questions and we can build a custom trailer to fit your needs.

If you have a dream or a concept we’ll help you get it rolling. Call for a quote today.