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Racing Trailers Provide Branding On and Off the Track

By: admin admin | September 20, 2012 | Comments Off on Racing Trailers Provide Branding On and Off the Track

Racing is a popular sport. Don’t just market your sponsor’s name on the track!  Keep it going by marketing the brand with a racing trailer.  On and off the track, this is a great way of keeping your brand in first place with consumers.  A racing trailer can remind people about upcoming events and get them excited for the race at the same time!

Every year racing seems to make a bigger and bigger impact in sports.  When people think of racing, most think of NASCAR racers with those brightly colored cars speeding around the track with sponsors name covering every inch.  There are brand names from A-Z that these cars promote every week. From week to week, fans see brands like Tide, Pepsi, Home Depot and more.  All of this becomes targeted marketing and leads to increased sales.  Traditionally, this is the only time these cars are marketing the brand on them… But with a racing trailer from Custom Trailers USA, these brands – national and local – can be seen off the track too!

Get Noticed!

The whole reason for these sponsors on the cars is to increase exposure – to a large audience.  Now, you can also promote when the car comes off the track and as you move along the highway.  Promote your car, company name and brand while you travel from race to race and event to event.  Let those on the road see right into your trailer and view your car as you head from town to town, race to race.  When you are marketing, every little dollar counts – and you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  A racing trailer holding your race car, keeps your advertising working for you, even when you aren’t in the driver’s seat, and also keeps your car safe and protected!

Giving Back

It’s the fans who keep the sport going, so making sure to thank and give back is always important to race teams and drivers.  Racing trailers can help you give back and promote yourself and where you’ll be at the same time.  Schedule a meet and greet with fans and use the racing trailer as part of your event set up. Fans love going to driver appearances and meeting the person they watch every race.  Getting up close and personal with car is also a huge part of these events.  Kids, young and old, will flock to see, touch and look inside the car! The trailer provides advertising when you arrive at a location for the driver, the brand and your sponsors.  Make sure everyone knows where you are when you set up! These trailers make a huge splash at outings and really draw attention to your appearances.  Racing trailers provide advertising without anyone having to say a word.

It takes a lot to race – so why not let your car work for you for a little while!  Be proud and show your car on the open road, so everyone knows who you are.  Showcase your car on the open road and the track and get double the exposure for your marketing dollars.  Why make people wonder, “What’s in the trailer?”  Let them see it – and start talking!

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