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Marketing Trailer Payload Calculation

By: admin admin | July 16, 2012 | Comments Off on Marketing Trailer Payload Calculation

When it comes to towing custom kitchen trailers, safety comes first. In order to ensure the safest towing conditions, it is important to understand what payload is and how to calculate the maximum payload for your kitchen trailer.

What is payload?

Most people don’t ever think about payload but should. What exactly is a payload and why is it important? A payload is simply a weight rating – the maximum weight that a person and any passengers plus the freight should never exceed. Knowing how much payload your vehicle and custom kitchen trailer can handle is important for your personal safety and the integrity of the vehicle.  Overloading a vehicle can put a large strain on the working parts of your kitchen trailer, putting your safety and the safety of others at risk. There is also a risk in damaging your vehicle and trailer if the payload maximum is exceeded.

Gross Vehicle Weight and Curb Weight

The payload weight uses curb weight and the gross vehicle weight rating to calculate the maximum weight allowed. The curb weight includes the standard equipment and vehicle weight, the full fresh water tank, the full fuel tank, full propane container weight, and the remaining equipment fluids weight. It is the actual weight of the vehicle, all standard equipment but not personal cargo or any people. It is important to include your weight and passengers when figuring payload because curb weight does not include that additional weight. The gross vehicle weight rating is the maximum number or weight that a gross vehicle weight or gross trailer weight should never go over. To calculate the payload you must subtract the curb weight plus the passenger from the gross vehicle weight rating. The number you get is the payload of your vehicle or custom kitchen trailer.

Payload Too Small?

What happens if my payload maximum is too small? Overloading a vehicle can be a serious and dangerous situation that can put you and others at risk. If an officer pulls you over and determines your vehicle or trailer is overloaded, you may be given a safety violation. If your kitchen trailer is too small for your needs, consider upgrading to a custom kitchen trailer from Custom Trailers USA. Custom Trailers USA specializes in kitchen trailers of all shapes and sizes. All employees are continually trained and will help you find the perfect trailer for you that fulfills your towing requirements. Custom Trailers USA offers high quality, efficient, stylish, and affordable custom kitchen trailers that give you the value and quality you deserve.

It is important to know the basics before towing your kitchen trailer. Knowing how to calculate the payload of your trailer, as well as knowing the payload capacity of your towing vehicle, will allow you to safely transport your belongings. Remember that from a payload perspective, weight is weight, regardless if it is from your cargo or from you and your passengers. If you would like to learn more about how you can design your own custom kitchen trailer, or if you have a question about calculating your trailer’s payload, please call, click, or visit Custom Trailers USA.

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