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Some of our past client and their photos

Custom Trailers USA specializes in designing custom display and exhibit trailers. Many companies look to us for special custom built trailer solutions. Your needs might be any size from 10′ to 53′ long, custom graphics, roof top signage, display cases, art galleries, fold-out stage platforms, custom lighting, multi-media centers – there are unlimited options and solutions for your needs. Here are some of our custom solutions from the past:


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailer


Multiple exhibit trailers were built to enhance a world wide mobile marketing campaign for Microsoft introducing Kinect for Xbox 360. The project was a joint effort with Sparks Marketing.


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailer


This exhibit trailer was built to help children in need. The custom trailer will supply kids with brand new shoes, sock, back packs and other items. This custom trailer will change kids lives take a look at all the pictures and see for your self.


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerconcessions trailernew custom trailers


Stage & Mobile Marketing trailer was built to take to special marketing events. Trailer was fully equipped with cabinets, electrical service, finshed interior walls and floor, stage and 12V awning for out-door promotions.


custom trailernew custom trailersused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerconcessions trailer


Stage Trailers are one of our specialties! With ATC’s expertise in engineering and craftsman builders you can be sure your trailer will look great, function properly and hold up over the long haul. Custom Trailers USA will listen to your wants and desires and design a trailer that will enhance your marketing efforts. In todays market, businesses are looking for unique ways to stand out in the market place. Promotional mobile marketing trailers can give you edge and take you to audiences anywhere. And while you’re getting there, the trailer can have creative graphics and be a mobile bill board that is sure to build your brand image.

In addition to stages we can build fold out walls for more visuals, we can add sound systems and flat screen TV’s, we can create a reception area, provide bathrooms or kitchens. The roof can be used for higher elevation marketing or attract attention with flip-up signage that can be put up in minutes upon arrival at special events.

If you have a dream or a concept we’ll help you get it rolling.


custom trailernew custom trailersused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailer


Keep your tools organized and your gear handy in a custom workshop trailer. These trailers are designed to be dropped in service fields for workers to service electrical systems. Very heavy duty and ready to get driven over any terrain. These have been specifically designed for another company and we can do the same for you.


custom trailerused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailerconcessions trailer


With 20′ of clear sides and special ceiling lighting, this trailer really shows off your featured products. With ATC’s expertise in engineering, we can build just about any size opening in the trailer of your choice.


custom trailernew custom trailersused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailertrailers


If you’ve been to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field, you’ve likely seen this fully set up Mobile Concession trailer selling licensed MLB apparell. Have something to sell – we’ll help you build an attention getting concession trailer.


custom trailernew custom trailersused trailerused aluminum trailerconcessions trailercustom trailerused trailertrailers


Custom designed Motiv by ATC concession trailer featuring the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. The eye catching exterior features several Brewers players while the interior serves as a practical and effiencent sales outlet. Whether for merchandise, food, or apparel sales, a custom built trailer is great for any sporting event, concert, fair or out-door event. Come see us, call or email today so we can begin designing a custom trailer to meet your merchandising needs.

Two Toned Interior Car Hauler


E169998 #001 Pass Front CornerE169998 #002 Looking in from Rear Ramp lights offE169998 #003 Looking in from Rear Ramp lights onE169998 #004 Two Tone Division LineE169998 #005 L-Shaped Counter Top and Cabinents


This custom designed and built 28’ car trailer was built to haul a show car. Included in this trailer is a custom two tone finished interior, L-shaped counter, and upper and lower cabinets along the front of the interior. Do not miss out on the opportunity of snagging your custom car hauler.

Custom Escape Door Trailer


E170091 #01 Driver Side ShotE170091 #02 Pass Side ShotE170091 #03 Looking at Rear with Ramp Deployed Off to  DriversE170091 #04 Driver Direct Side Shot with Escape Door OpenE170091 #05 Direct Side Shot of Escape Door Open with No WheelboxE170091 #06 Standing Shot of Pass Side with Awning DeployedE170091 #07 Interior Shot Showing Cabinets


This 26’ long trailer was custom designed and built for an automobile dealership to show off restored classic cars. The trailer includes an 8’ x 6’ flip-up escape door a removable wheel-box on the driver’s side. On the passenger (curb) side a 21’ power awning provides shade for outdoor events. Inside the walls are finished in two-tone with a mirror finish strip, decorative lighting, matching aluminum cabinets and an 110V electrical package.

Keystone Light Custom Gooseneck Clear Sided Car Hauler


E170220 #001 Forward Looking Driver Side Awning StowedE170220 #002 Forward Looking Driver Side Awning DeployedE170220 #003 Rear Looking Driver Side Exterior Awning Stowed Winch Visible at Left of PhotoE170220 #004 View of Generator Driver Side at GooseneckE170220 #005 Rear Facing Interior with Car


Custom built car trailer for the keystone light car tour. This trailer was custom built to house, display, and safely transport a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. This trailer includes an on-board 4-kilowatt generator, 18′ of clear sides on each of the sides of the trailer, 21’ powered awning on the driver’s side, an in-floor winch, and a custom built raised floor, as well as, a small partitioned storage area, light package, and an in-floor spare tire compartment. The custom raised floor was built so that the vehicle would rest above the wheel wells. If touring with your classic car is necessary, why not call Custom Trailers USA and have a custom glass sided display car hauler designed and built.

Mobile Motorcycle Display Trailer


S194675 #001 Stright Front ShotS194675 #002 Front Driver CornerS194675 #003 Passenger Rear CornerS194675 #004 Close Passenger Rear CornerS194675 #005 Distant Rear Shot Rear Ramp Door DeployedS194675 #006 Close Interior ShotS194675 #007 Interior Shot after Dark


This custom designed 5′ by 10′ motorcycle trailer is outfitted with 16 feet of clear acrylic on the sides. This trailer was built to allow the customer to transport and display his prized motorcyle without the risk of possible damage during transport. Give Custom Trailers USA a call with any questions and we can get a quote on a custom trailer to fit your needs.