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Dollansky Racing Trailer

By: admin admin | September 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Dollansky Racing Trailer

Built as a racing trailer for Dolansky Racing, this trailer is ready to tow some very expensive cargo. The mere size of this trailer tells onlookers that something important is heading down the road and inside there is plenty of space to haul even Dolansky’s biggest racer.

racing trailer

Custom Features of this Trailer

Transporting those racing vehicles can be tricky, so the side of the racing trailer opens to provide a ramp complete with tread, allowing vehicles to easily and safely roll in. It may seem sad to leave such extreme racing vehicles hidden from fans once they finish with a race, but not in this trailer. Equipped with side panels that can be raised to reveal windows and openings the racing vehicles can take center stage any time Dolansky arrives at a race. With such a flashy display and such extreme equipment Dolansky is sure to get a lot of attention pulling up in this racing trailer.

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