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Car Trailers Keep Things Rollin’

By: admin admin | September 24, 2012 | Comments Off on Car Trailers Keep Things Rollin’

Are you planning to show off your classic car at the show this weekend? Why not show it off on the way there too? Especially if it’s a long journey to that car show this weekend – why not protect and enhance your investment? Just think about what a ride down that greatest of classic car routes, Route 66 through Chicago, St. Louis, down to Missouri, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup NM, Flagstaff, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino to Los Angeles could do to your car’s value if anything went amiss! Instead of putting wear and tear on your beautiful show car and adding precious miles to its odometer why not protect it and showcase it in a car trailer? That way you can go Chicago to LA and back with lots of stops but without a single scratch.

Avoid Scratches, Flat Tires, and More

It’s no secret that the value of a show car greatly depends on the condition of the car. And unfortunately driving the car, especially long distance and highway driving, put the condition of the vehicle at risk. Car accidents happen every day. So if you do plan to motor west or east, north, or south for that matter, don’t take a chance on damaging the car en route to a show. Keep that valuable gem safe and sound and even on display in a car trailer instead.

I know we’d all rather not think of all of the calamities that could befall our precious show car just driving it to the show but they are realities. Even a rock innocently kicked up by another vehicle or a piece of gravel flying from a passing truck can cause considerable damage to your car’s glass and/or paint job. And that custom paintwork is expensive. A nail in one of your tires can wreck the entire weekend and cost you a small fortune just for the replacement tire. Heaven forbid an accident, caused by another driver’s negligence or by sheer bad luck. Your years of work restoring that show car or just the time and money spent finding the perfect vehicle for you can be lost in an instant. Finding another car like yours could be next to impossible. Why take the risk?

Custom-Designed Car Trailer

A car trailer can be custom designed to meet your needs. You’ll need a ramp to get your vehicle into the trailer, of course but then you can add lots of other features like custom shelving and storage as well. Perhaps the greatest option for show cars is Custom Trailers USA’s glass sided trailer. Get to a car show and you don’t even have to worry about pulling the car out. A glass sided trailer with a raised floor really shows off the whole car profile. You could use glass sides to showcase your car and attract attention wherever you go. Clear glass-side trailers can be built from 12′ to 53′ in length.

And of course your custom trailer can also provide you with advertising on the go. You can promote your car, your brand, your business, or anything else you choose by adding custom graphics to the exterior of your trailer. Custom Trailers USA can help you design a great exterior graphics package that will deliver the message you want to communicate.

Finally, don’t forget to put safety first before you hit the road with your precious cargo. Make sure the tire pressure in your trailer and towing vehicle is set appropriately. Ensure that you have the right hitch to do the job. And, of course brush up on your towing etiquette.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important to observe all speed limits, use lower gears and break intermittently when on a descending grade. Allow for greater following and longer stopping distances behind other vehicles. Remember to consistently use safety gear for both short and long distances. Utilize wide trailering mirrors and allow other vehicles to pass. By following these procedures and driving a safe and reliable trailer purchased from Custom Trailers USA, your stress can easily be reduced and you can have a safe and enjoyable trip, while reducing any dangers to yourself, your family, vehicle, and possessions.

Protect what’s valuable to you. With a Custom Trailers USA car trailer you can ensure that your show car investment is well protected and well presented. With a recommended glass sided display trailer you can arrive at the show as part of the show.

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