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The Benefits of Designing a Custom Trailer

By: admin admin | February 16, 2012 | 1 Comments

 Searching for the Perfect Custom Trailer

You want the right dimensions, with the right colors and enough space. You could end up spending weeks, if not months searching for the perfect trailer. Instead of wasting time and sacrificing a couple inches of space, or settling for a color you don’t like, why not build a trailer that is custom designed to fit your needs? No matter if the reason is professional or personal, designing a custom trailer is a great way to save time and stress.

There are several different classifications of trailers. Depending on which industry you are involved in, you might need a stage trailer, a concession trailer, or an exhibit trailer. Below, you can learn about each of these trailers and the advantage of designing a custom trailer.

Stage Trailer

For those individuals in the entertainment industry, stage trailers are a popular product. Whether on the road or on-site, these trailers serve multiple purposes. On the road, stage trailers can serve as mobile marketing – custom graphics on the sides of the trailer let other drivers and onlookers know exactly who you are and what you do. This type of advertising on the go is a great way to increase brand awareness. When it comes to on-site functionality, on the other hand, you want to make sure that the structure of the stage trailer is strong enough to support your people and/or equipment. You’ll also want to make sure that the materials are durable enough to sustain a long journey on the road. With a custom made trailer, you can be assured that the quality of the materials are top grade and can withstand your typical workload.

When it comes to customizing a stage trailer, the options are virtually endless. When designing a custom trailer, you have control over the dimensions of the stage, fold-out options, equipment racks – you name it! For example, if you want to put on a small concert from a stage trailer, the difference of a couple inches could mean different lighting or less sound equipment. With a custom trailer, you don’t need to adjust your performance – simply adjust the size of the trailer!

Concession Trailer

Let’s say you are on the other end of the entertainment industry – maybe you set up a concession stand at your nephew’s little league baseball game on weekends. A custom-designed concession trailer might be perfect for your needs! If you spend hours at a time inside a trailer, you want to make sure that the space is comfortable. Choose a color that is appealing to both you and the customers. Have a bench in the corner to rest your tired legs. Place equipment in appropriate places so that your workers don’t need to cross paths and trip over cords, etc. Arranging the workspace of the concession trailer to meet your work flow could make a big difference when it comes to serving your food.

Thinking along the same lines as the food industry, selling merchandise requires a lot of the same planning. Similar to the concession trailer, you will want to ensure that there is enough space to move around – and that all depends on the merchandise you are selling! If you have unique memorabilia that needs to be locked up, you can create a special display case. Have t-shirts that would be best displayed on hangers? You could install a horizontal pole above the opening window. Features like these might be difficult to find when simply searching for trailers, but with a custom trailer, you choose the layout. You choose the added features. You choose how to market your own products.

Exhibit Trailer

Exhibit trailers are another type of trailer that you might be looking for. For industries like Racing, exhibit trailers can offer great benefits. As mentioned above, trailers provide a great source of mobile marketing. While traveling on the road, passersby would be able to view your actual product (in this case, a race car) in person. Nothing draws attention more than a shiny race car! Maybe you have a smaller sports car that you want to display. With a custom designed trailer, you could design a smaller viewing window along with a custom graphic displayed next to the window. Your product is unique, so why not design a unique trailer that highlights that product?

Custom Exhibit Trailer

Another need for an exhibit trailer might come from the marketing industry itself. In many situations, marketers choose test markets and let consumers try out new products and services. If this is the case, and consumers are asked to actually step foot inside a trailer, you want to make sure that the trailer is welcoming and comfortable. Clear windows are just one feature that might be suitable for your particular need. On the other hand, you might just need the trailer to expand – sideways or up in the air! Ability to change the size and shape of the trailer is a great reason to design your own custom trailer.


Regardless of the type of trailer you are looking for,there are a few features that you should always consider.

First, is the trailer handicap accessible? If you or someone you know has trouble with steps, you may want to consider adding a ramp to a custom designed trailer. Another idea you might want to think about is the width of the doorways. Is there a chance you might need to load something larger than normal – even if it’s only once? You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a bind when you find your door is 2 inches short of what you need to load a crate. One other thing to think about is the lighting within the trailer. Depending on what your purpose for the trailer is, lighting could add appeal. For example, if you have a sports car, sure it looks good all on its own. But with special lighting, you could display your car at any hour of the day and maybe even spotlight certain features of the car. These are all just a couple things to think about as you are in the market for a new trailer. These features and many more are available through custom trailer dealers.

Whether you’re looking for a stage trailer, concession trailer, or an exhibit trailer, you should always consider a custom design. Almost any feature can be adjusted to enhance the product or service you are trying to sell. Just remember, your product or service is not the only important aspect you should be focusing on – how you advertise your product/service can make a big difference in the way customers perceive the information. Contact your local trailer dealer today to find out how easy it is to design your very own custom trailer.