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Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Are You an Entrepreneur? Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Len Schlesinger speak. Len is the president of Babson College, which Len introduced as the number one college for entrepreneurship in the world. Len’s presentation was related to one of his latest books, Action Trumps Everything.   Two main ideas deeply resonated with me, […]

Understanding SEO – Part 1: Local SEO for Small Business

Like many products, the term Local SEO encompasses a large range of optimization services. The goal of this series is to help a small business understand what it all means, and to highlight the differences between SEO programs offered in the marketplace today.   Is everyone an SEO?   At least in Naperville and Aurora, […]

Tweeter Karma vs Manageflitter

In an effort to better manage relationships and conversations on Twitter – and because (despite all appearances to the contrary) I don’t like clutter- I started looking for a tool to help me get rid of “Old” twitter followers on my social media twitter (@bkolar_smc) account. I looked at a lot of tools but thought […]