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Custom Stage Trailers Get Your Show On The Road

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Be seen, be heard, get out there, and go with a stage trailer custom designed to take your show on the road! Summer is here, and now is the time to invest in a stage trailer that will take your performances on a whirlwind tour to success!

Stage Trailers Take You To Unlimited Locations

With a stage trailer, you no longer have to wait for audiences to come to you. As fast as you can travel from location to location, you can perform before hundreds, or even thousands, of enthusiastic fans. Mobile staging means you can take any event anywhere. Easily maneuver your stage trailer on site, see it rapidly transformed into a rock solid stage, and let the show begin!

Stage Trailers Mean Big Savings

Toss rent, utility costs, and other overhead expenses out the window! A permanent venue ties you down, while a stage trailer lets you loose to showcase your talent from coast to coast! True talent needs exposure to be seen, discovered, and appreciated. Don’t be stuck in one place burdened by weighty monthly expenses. The minimal investment cost of a stage trailer leaves you unhindered by debts and operating budgets and leaves you free to soar!

Stage Trailers Get The Applause For Unlimited Flexibility

Custom designed to host everything from rock concerts and theater productions to product promotions and marketing events, stage trailers offer unlimited flexibility and countless show-on-the-road solutions. What do you need in a stage trailer? The experts at Custom Trailers USA can help you design a portable showplace perfectly matched to support your performances. Dream big and imagine any of these customizable features on tour with you:

  • High Definition Flat Screen TV’s
  • Spotlights
  • Lasers
  • Special Effects
  • Multi-Media Centers
  • The Latest Sound Systems
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers
  • Speaker Systems
  • Equipment Racks
  • Fold-Out Stage Platforms


Dream even bigger and imagine:

  • Backstage Lounges
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Cafes
  • Restrooms
  • And More!


Stage Trailers Get Rave ReVIEWS!

Hours and hours of rehearsal are going to make you look great! And so is your show-stopping, head-turning, attention-grabbing stage trailer. Dressed in dazzling, high-def graphic brilliance, stage trailers help get you noticed before the show even begins. Just cruising down the highway or pulling into town is enough to spur on ticket sales and spark the curiosity of new and old fans alike. Covered from top to bottom and side to side in custom graphics, your stage trailer lets other drivers and onlookers know just who you are and what kind of show you’re planning to put on. Everywhere you roam, you build fame and fortune and leave behind a lasting impression — all without spending any extra money on advertising! Once you arrive at your venue, you can add even more graphic pizzazz by extending fold-out walls and taking advantage of your stage trailer’s roof top to incorporate higher elevation marketing and eye-raising flip-up signage.

Stage Trailers From Custom Trailers USA Are Built To Last

You want a stage trailer that not only functions like clockwork and looks great but also holds up over the long haul. Quality craftsmanship and engineering expertise from Custom Trailers USA assure your stage trailer is built to last on the road and off. When you are with your team on site, safety, stability, and strength are of utmost importance. Out on the road, you need durable materials you can rely on to carry you the distance from curtain call to curtain call.

What are you waiting for? You have a show to do, and nothing is stopping you from taking it out on the road in a dazzling, durable, cost-saving, customizable stage trailer from Custom Trailers USA!

Finding the Perfect Used Trailer

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The search for the perfect used trailer is a very tricky process. Between aesthetic preferences, mileage, and your personal specifications, finding the used trailer that is right for you can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Still, knowledge is power, and one way to improve your search experience is by understanding how you should inspect the used trailers that you are considering. With that in mind, here are a few expert tips and tricks for examining used trailers that can help you find one that best fits both your needs and your budget.

Tires and Bearings

When looking over a used trailer it is very important to inspect both the tires and the bearings. Examine the tires for any evidence of wear and tear; check the tread life and make sure that tire pressure is even in all of the tires as well. There’s no point in paying for old, worn out tires that you’ll be forced to replace in the near future. You should also inspect the wheel bearings, one of the most common places for a breakdown to occur. Do this by examining them and listening carefully for grinding noises a the trailer moves. Depending on your specific needs, you might be searching for a trailer with brakes; if so, test those as well to ensure that they are in prime condition.


Another important detail to examine on a used trailer is its suspension. Make sure there is no extreme wear, elongated bolt holes, or loose fasteners. All of these are signs of bad suspension, and they can lead to dangerous load imbalances when you haul goods in your trailer.

Springs & Frame

Check both the springs and the frame of a trailer as well. Good springs have no wear, rust, or breaks. As for the frame, make sure there are no cracks or even previously repaired cracks. Just as a house needs a strong foundation, a solid trailer frame is essential. A trailer with a cracked or repaired frame will only fall apart over time, so make sure to examine the frame thoroughly.

Electrical Considerations

When it comes to the electrical aspects of a used trailer there are many different things for which you should check. Look for any problems from a simple burnt out lightbulb to more serious spliced wire problems before purchasing a used trailer.

General Inspection

Finally, examine the floor for any holes, large or small, or for signs of previous repairs. Inspect the ramps of a trailer as well to make sure that they are straight, without cracks or previous repairs. Obviously, having both a solid floor and reliable ramps is essential for loading, hauling, and unloading.
By following these guidelines, hopefully you will have a better experience weeding out the hundreds of bad trailers for sale to find the one that is right for you. Still, be careful in purchasing a used trailer. Though it is possible to find one that fits both your specifications and budget, the expensive repairs to a used trailer can add up quickly over time. As you search, keep in mind that purchasing a reliable, new custom trailer from Custom Trailers USA can be simpler and more cost-effective in the long run than fixing up a used trailer. Not only will it be customized to your specifications, but it will also come with an excellent warranty to give you peace of mind. So don’t let endless repairs to an old trailer break your budget; consider Custom Trailers USA as a very realistic and cost-effective option.


Mobile Marketing Trailers Carry Business Into The Future

By: admin admin | April 23, 2012 | Comments Off on Mobile Marketing Trailers Carry Business Into The Future

 Marketing Trailers Take Your Business on the Road to Success

Take your business on a whole new road to success with a show-stopping, custom-designed mobile marketing trailer from Custom Trailers USA. Traditional marketing options, like print ads and billboards, simply can’t compete against today’s high impact, cost-effective mobile marketing trailers. Innovative mobile marketing leaves standard marketing in the dust by allowing you to:

Make A Lasting Impression

Larger-than-life, high-definition graphics in vibrant, four-color brilliance cover your entire mobile marketing trailer to make a powerful, memorable marketing statement. Whether you’re rolling down the highway or drawing a throng of onlookers at that next big event, custom graphics give you a stand-out presence in a competitive marketplace and get you noticed by today’s consumer generation. High-impact mobile marketing trailer graphics are such an aggressive way to grab attention they are, in fact, currently reported to receive upwards of 40,000 impressions a day!

When it comes to marketing, image is everything. Potential customers respect vendors who look well-established in their industry. With the right custom graphics you suddenly take on the appearance of a serious player, a market leader! People stop and stare, your products and services shine, your brand gets greater recognition, and your image leaves a lasting impression remembered long after the show’s over and the crowd’s gone home.

Change On A Dime

By providing unlimited flexibility, a mobile marketing trailer allows you to easily tailor every mobile marketing campaign to complement your latest business initiatives. With minimal cost, you can change your message or design as needed, target specific audiences, or even pull out all the stops to show off some added pizzazz during an extra-special event.

As your business grows and develops, so will your mobile marketing requirements. Initially, for example, building brand awareness may be your goal. Hosting games, giveaways, and contests from your marketing trailer will help you achieve this aim. Later down the road, you might want to make a giant splash with a new product launch that includes towering images of your latest hot, new merchandise. You can use your mobile marketing trailer as a platform from which to sell, sell, sell. Or you can think of it as a travelling billboard to increase visibility and spread a new marketing slogan from coast to coast. One mobile marketing trailer means endless mobile marketing possibilities!

Depending on your budget, your mobile marketing trailer can feature just the basics or evolve into an elaborate showcase that includes any of these customizable features:

  • High Definition TV’s
  • Multi-Media Centers
  • Sound Systems
  • Spotlights
  • Special Effects
  • Display Cases
  • Stages And Platforms
  • Luxurious Interiors
  • Kitchens
  • Restrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • And More!

Get More Bang For Your Marketing Buck

Let’s face it, traditional marketing comes with a traditional big-dollar price tag. Plus, you keep paying that price over and over again with repeating monthly costs for print ads, air time, and billboard space. Your mobile marketing trailer belongs to you without the on-going marketing bills and billboard rental fees. As you drive from place to place and navigate in and around target markets, thousands of people will see your marketing messages every day — at no extra cost to you! Rather than worry potential customers will flip channels and turn down the volume on your costly marketing efforts, you’ll be turning their heads instead. And with gas prices higher than ever before, why not get a little extra marketing bang for your buck as you fuel sales and travels?

Business owners everywhere wish they had the budget to advertise in teeming marketplaces like Times Square and downtown Los Angeles. With a mobile marketing trailer, there’s no need to break the bank. To capture attention in both big cities and small towns alike, all you need to do is pull up and park. In the past, only big companies willing to pay premium prices had the luxury of marketing their products and services in sought-after locations and at major events, trade shows, conventions, and grand openings. Now, mobile marketing trailers are paving the way to instant impact in all the places big companies pay to be seen — without all the pre-show planning and prohibitive, sky-high pricing that define marketing the way we used to know it!

Take Your Products And Services Everywhere You Go

Your mobile marketing trailer is a billboard on wheels and so much more! No doubt everywhere you roam you’ll be noticed, but you’ll also be able to market more efficiently and effectively by driving your products and services right into the heart of your target market. What a great way for a small or regional business to truly concentrate its marketing focus and penetrate its target audience! Even before you meet your prospects face to face, they’re sure to have seen your mobile marketing trailer cruise by and will be filled with anticipation to get a close up look at all you have to offer. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to deliver the products and services you sell directly to consumers while capitalizing on the time and fuel you spent to get there.

Mobile marketing trailers are taking marketing in a whole new direction. Don’t get left behind! Get on the road to success with a bold, eye-catching, flexible, customizable, money-saving mobile marketing trailer from Custom Trailers USA!

Tire Maintenance

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Safe Transportation

Trailers transport very heavy loads for you. With this in mind, it is important that your tires are in tip-top shape in order to ensure safe transportation. Even though tire maintenance may seem tedious, the importance of it cannot be stressed enough. So what exactly do you need to know? Some maintenance tips discussed in this article will include checking the visibility of the tires (thread, cracks, leaks), the tire pressure, proper tire storage, weight limits, replacement, and even the tires on your truck (as opposed to the actual trailer tires). To guarantee maximum safety, it will be absolutely vital to learn and understand the importance behind each of these tips.

Step 1: Inspection

Tire maintenance all starts with the basics. The first thing you are going to want to do is simply check the visibility of the tires. Checking for cuts, cracks, splits, or bruises in the tread/sidewall will be important. Carefully inspect for discoloration or separation within the tire. It will be important to check the actual depth of the tread (2/32nd of an inch of wear is a good indication for replacement). Don’t forget to check for uneven wear patterns, and of course, make sure you check the tires after striking anything unusual in the road. Even though you may not see visible damage on the surface, it is always possible that the inside of the tire was damaged. Lastly, check the rims as well! Bent or cracked rims can definitely be a recipe for disaster. All in all, you should never drive on a visibly damaged tire. The damage may result in quick failure without warning. If you have any doubt on the looks of them, make sure you have them inspected immediately.

Step 2: Check Tire Pressure

The next step involves the actual tire pressure. It will be important to make sure that the tires you are dealing with meet the pressure standards listen on the tire. The suggested PSI (pounds per square inch) rating for the tires is normally located near the firewall of the tires (the smooth area above the rim). Next, use a pressurized hose to inflate the tire to the suggested rating. It will be important that you check the PSI regularly to make sure you do not over or under-inflate the tire. If you do accidentally go over, simply slowly let air out until you reach the correct level.

Step 3: Take Precautions

So far we have discussed some tangible tire maintenance methods. But what about tips that we may not even think about? Believe it or not, it is important to keep tires out of sunlight. Too much sunlight can actually cause the tires to crack and become damaged. If you are unable to store the trailer/tires out of sunlight, you can purchase tire covers (or make ones) that are resistant to ultraviolet light. Spraying the tires with protectant and grease will also help combat seal leakage from the heat of the sun.
Along with ultraviolet damage, people tend to forget that how much weight you put on the trailer actually matters a great deal. Did you know that it actually puts less pressure on the tire when the trailer is rolling down the road (as opposed to just sitting there)? This means that simply using the tires will help prevent flat spots from developing. Sadly, if one tire fails, the remaining ones will suddenly have to compensate by supporting the increased load. This may result in a chain reaction of blowouts and cause major damage. To ensure you are loading the trailer with the proper weight guidelines, make sure you check the sidewall of your trailer tires. The sidewall should have a maximum load actually listed directly on it.

Tire Replacement

Now that we know how to properly examine the tires and keep them best suited for safety, it is important to talk about tire replacement. If you keep good care of your tires, the general rule of thumb is to replace them every three to five years. This is completely dependent on how much weight you carry and how much the trailer remains at rest. If you consistently push the weight limit and only go out once every month or two, the replacement period will sit closer to three years. If the trailer tows a low to average weight on a regular basis, you may be able to replace the tires closer to every five years. When you actually do go to replace the tires, make sure the ones you purchase match the ones you already have. It is also a good idea to shell out the extra cash and purchase all of the tires at once. And of course, once you do get new tires, make sure you go through the proper routines of maintenance checks, inflation, and proper storage!

Don’t Forget about Your Truck!

As a last reminder, don’t forget about your truck tires as well! These have to tow your custom trailer, and require every bit as much attention as your trailer tires. Running through the maintenance for these tires on a regular basis (coupled with the tire maintenance for your trailer tires) will help make sure you are being safe and efficient.
At the end of the day, safety is of utter importance when it comes to transporting your trailer (and your cargo). Whether it is visibly observing the tires, physically filling them up, or even replacing them, it is vital to regularly be checking the tires. Just remember to always make sure you check your tires often in order to make sure you are transporting your loads with good and safe tires.

Towing Safely

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Tow with Confidence

Towing a trailer can seem like a daunting task at first, but if you follow some simple pointers you can tow a trailer safely and with confidence. If you follow safety procedures for your new trailer, you can protect yourself and your property while making it an enjoyable experience. Custom Trailers USA is located in Carol Stream, Illinois, and was established in 1989. They are a leading custom trailer distributor and have full service dealerships throughout the United States which offer custom trailers, towing products, and trailer accessories. Abiding by the Golden rule, they do to others what they want done for themselves. Training and safety is a valuable part of the company; employees have the knowledge and experience needed in the field, and are trained continually, enabling them to come to the right solution needed for the customer. Custom Trailers USA offers high quality, stylish, functional, efficient, and affordable trailers, parts, accessories, and repair service.

Loading Guidelines

Proper loading of the trailer is important to reduce trailer sway and prevents situations such as jackknifing. Unless otherwise directed, it is important to load your trailer heavier in the front. Weight distribution should consist of 60% of the weight in the front and 40% in back. It is important to secure your load using tie-downs, straps, or rope.
It is important to make sure the correct procedure for hooking up your vehicle to the trailer is used. Double check all connections, and make sure safety chains are crossed under the tongue of the trailer and securely connected. A simple tug test could prevent serious problems.

Don’t Forget the Basics!

Since there is a heavy load attached to you, you must allow more stopping time and following distance. Even with the best brakes it takes longer to stop a heavy vehicle and trailer than a small car. Changing lanes with a trailer can seem to be a challenge as sometimes traffic in one lane is moving faster or slower than you are. Wide trailering mirrors should be installed to give a clear view of the adjoining lane, your vehicle, and the length of your trailer. Since you have to allow more distance than normal to pass another vehicle, you should only pass vehicles that cannot maintain 50% of the posted speed. Be courteous to faster vehicles and do not speed up to keep up with passing traffic but slow down to allow vehicles to pass safely.

Parking Considerations

Try to avoid parking when you cannot see a way out. It may be easy to pull into a small parking lot but you may have to use complicated maneuvers to get out. It is better to park farther down the street where you can have a clear pathway out. Theft can also be a problem, even for travel trailers. It is important to have correct trailer locks to prevent someone from hooking up to your trailer and taking away.

Remember These Tips

Here’s a quick summary: it’s important to observe all speed limits, use lower gears and break intermittently when on a descending grade. Allow for greater following and longer stopping distances behind other vehicles. Remember to consistently use safety gear for both short and long distances. Utilize wide trailering mirrors and allow other vehicles to pass. By following these procedures and driving a safe and reliable trailer purchased from Custom Trailers USA your stress can easily be reduced and you can have a safe and enjoyable trip, while reducing any dangers to yourself, your family, vehicle, and possessions.