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Important Trailer Concepts

By: admin admin | June 25, 2012 | Comments Off on Important Trailer Concepts

In order to be a responsible custom exhibit trailer owner, there are a few trailer parts and general calculations that you should know.  Terms like gross trailer weight, the trailer tongue, the tongue weight, and payload are all things that are vital for safe driving.

Finding the Gross Trailer Weight

Gross trailer weight (also known as GTW) is the combined weight of the trailer and all its cargo.  So therefore you can calculate your GTW by simply adding the weight of all your cargo to the known weight of your exhibit trailer.  Or, if you are unsure of the weight of your trailer, you can take it to the local public scales.  Most communities will have a public scale available for your use for the simply fee of a few dollars.  In order to get an accurate measurement of weight, make sure that all parts of the trailer are on the scale, including the wheels and the tongue.  Obviously, no parts of the towing vehicle should be touching the scale either.  Then simply look at the weight.  As you can see, finding your GTW involves little mathematical exertion on your part.

Where is the Trailer Tongue?

The tongue of your exhibit trailer is the part of the hitch on the towing vehicle that looks like a ball and takes the brunt of the pressure.  Indeed, this is also the point where your trailer places weight on the towing vehicle, which leads us into the problem of tongue weight.

Calculating Tongue Weight

Tongue weight is the amount of downward force exerted by the exhibit trailer and its cargo on the towing vehicle.  Obviously, it’s important for your tongue weight to be within a certain range in order to ensure safe driving, generally 9 to 15 percent of the GTW.  To find out if your trailer is within the range of acceptable tongue weight, first calculate the range based upon the GTW.  After you have found your range, measuring tongue weight varies depending on your situation.  For smaller trailers, you can simply use a bathroom scale set under the hitch of the vehicle to get an accurate tongue weight.  If your trailer is too big for a bathroom scale, you could buy scales specially-made for trailers or you could create your own makeshift scale. Using your bathroom scale again, place both it and a brick on the ground.  On top of them, place two pipes 3 ft away from each other.  After the pipes, place a 5 to 6 ft. two-by-four across the pipes.  Then put the trailer tongue on the two-by-four two feet away from the pipe on the scale and one foot away from the pipe on the brick.  Take your measurement, but make sure to multiply this number by three.  Again, this number should be within your tongue weight range; if it is not, try shifting cargo either to the front or the back in order to shift the balance of the trailer.

Adding in Your Payload

Obviously, in order to calculate your tongue weight and verify that it is within proper margins, you have to know the weight of your custom exhibit trailer.  As previously stated, it would be a good idea to completely unload your trailer and take it to the public scales for a weighing for future reference.  Afterward, you’ll only need to weigh your payload, all the cargo that you are hauling on your trailer.  Simply put, your GTW is your trailer weight plus your payload.

Trailer owners have a lot of new vocabulary, skills, and concepts to learn.  Yet understanding things like tongue weight and payload are essential for safe driving practices.

Take Your Performance Outdoors with Stage Trailers!

By: admin admin | June 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Take Your Performance Outdoors with Stage Trailers!

Who wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful summer day? Rather than trying to woo your audience away from the sun, take your performance outdoors! Whether couples are enjoying a blanket picnic while listening to a concert in the park, enthusiastic children are interacting with the players in a theatrical skit, or parents are beaming proudly through their kids’ dance recital on Saturday morning, you’ll be glad you’ve given them an outdoor option. These are just a couple summer activities that people enjoy doing in the summer time. Maybe your business could benefit from a stage trailer, too!

Stage Trailers are Mobile and Versatile

Stage trailers are great because they are mobile. Because of their innovative design, you will not be confined to one audience, one location, or one amount of space. When your space is limited, there are compact solutions that will maximize the space you have so that you can give a fantastic performance anyway. Your audience will be too busy enjoying the show to notice the small space. Or perhaps you’ve got a ton of space and what you need is a dynamic stage trailer to bring an empty parking lot to life? Stage trailers from Custom Trailers USA have all the bells and whistles you’ll need. You’ll love the versatility of a stage trailer!

Don’t forget the Marketing Value

The value of your stage trailer goes beyond the performance itself. Stage trailers, like all other trailers, provide excellent advertising. Graphic design will help you get the word out about your event even as you travel! Your trailer has three outer walls—why leave them bland and boring? Don’t waste this incredibly valuable space; instead put it to work for you while you are driving down the interstate, taking a lunch break, or filling up the tank. You can even add a mobile billboard to get the extra edge. Your stage trailer will help you build your audience even when you’re on the go!

Customize Your Stage Trailer for Great Results

No matter what your performance needs, you’ll be able to customize your stage trailer to meet them. The specialists at Custom Trailers USA will listen carefully to your needs and desires and design a trailer just for you. In this market, your business needs a unique expression. Your stage trailer may need fold out walls for additional visual impact. Fantastic sound systems and flat screen TVs will give you the media connection with your audience that every customer needs in this day and age. Your custom stage trailer can include a reception area, bathroom, and kitchen. You can even use the roof for higher elevation marketing or flip-up signage! Think about how these additional options might change the experience you and your customers have with your stage trailer!

A Stage Trailer Can Benefit Your Business!

No matter what type of business you have, a stage trailer can open new doors for your event! Your newfound mobility will help you to reach more people in more places. The custom options and vibrant advertising will help you sell more tickets and product! Your event doesn’t have to suffer from the summer factor—grab that summer business by bringing your event to your audience with a custom stage trailer from Custom Trailers USA.

Achieve Greater Impact with Exhibit Trailers!

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Need to increase your revenue and get your product in front of a brand new audience? Exhibit trailers are a great way to promote your latest product! Special products deserve special markets! The professionals at Custom Trailers USA will help you to maximize your impact. Exhibit trailers are the versatile solution that will allow you to cater your presence for a specific audience. Mobile exhibit trailers will give you a creative solution that garners you flexibility, space and storage, and the graphic marketing edge your company needs in order to break through to record sales!

Exhibit Trailers Provide Flexibility for Multiple Markets

Have a new product you need to test? Exhibit trailers give you an affordable option to begin marketing your new product, and the flexibility to make changes as you analyze your sales. Want to split test your marketing strategy? Because exhibit trailers are so much more affordable than other traditional options, they give you the option to test multiple marketing strategies simultaneously.

Or maybe your fantastic product has already been tested and needs to be released to new markets all across the country? Exhibit trailers give you the most flexibility in marketing your products no matter where you set up for your new customers. Whether you need to present your product or service to a conference or tradeshow, or take it on tour across all fifty states, exhibit trailers are the solution!

Transport Your Message to More Locations with Mobile Exhibit Trailers

Unlike storefronts, exhibit trailers offer flexibility and mobility. Have limited space? There are compact solutions that will maximize the space you have. Need a dynamic trailer to bring an empty parking lot to life? Expandable trailers give you all the bells and whistles you’ll need. In fact, with the right trailer, you can expand your presence when you have the space, but utilize only some of the options when you’ve got to squeeze your message into a more limited space. Versatility is key.

A storefront is a huge investment, and can only ever reach one audience—if you’re hoping to market your product or service to a demographic in another location, you’ll either have to convince your customers to travel to your store, or open a brand new store. As you can imagine, that strategy gets expensive pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you’ve got a exhibit trailer, you’ve got the ultimate amount of flexibility—your product is completely mobile and your message is easily modified.

Maximize Your Impact with a Customized Trailer

Custom exhibit trailers give you even more options! Anything you need is readily available to you—space, storage, and ease of use, and whatever else will help you reach your goals! You may need to fit into a ten-foot space, or fill a fifty foot area. Either way, Custom Trailers USA has you covered.

With custom options you can utilize the rooftop, fold out stage platforms, art galleries, signage, and display cases. But the bells and whistles don’t end there! Beyond the myriad structural options, you can use custom presentation options to augment your message—custom lighting and multi-media centers catch the attention of our media-driven culture. All of these custom options will help to bring you new customers and represent your product or service even better to the customer base you are already serving.

Put Amazing Graphics to Work for You

The sides and back of your exhibit trailer are a blank canvas. Don’t waste this incredibly valuable space when you can use it to get your message out while you are driving down the interstate, taking a lunch break, or filling up the tank! An exhibit trailer allows you to advertise on the go with graphics. When you are tied down to a storefront location, people outside your store aren’t absorbing your marketing. When you utilize fantastic graphics on your exhibit trailer, though, your advertising is working for you even when you’re traveling from one location to the next.

These ready-to-install vinyl trailer graphics will add color and excitement to your plain, smooth-sided enclosed trailer. When marketing a product, half the battle is getting noticed. Why would any company waste this mobile billboard space? You can design your own graphic, or you can fill your space with any one of many standard designs. Grab the attention of passers-by with your choice from over one hundred different vibrant colors. The graphic designs are easy to install because they come complete with a do-it-yourself installation kit. Not interested in installing your own graphics? No problem, many shops specialize in vehicle graphics.

An Exhibit Trailer from Custom Trailers USA Maximizes Your Marketing Platform

Exhibit Trailers from Custom Trailers USA will help you stand apart from your competition. Don’t rely on online sales. Forget selling in stores. The flexibility and customizability of an exhibit trailer will be your greatest advantage! The customizable sizes and shapes will allow you to utilize any space you’ve got; the expandable stages will give you the platform you’ll need; graphics and signage will get your message out and lights and multi-media will help you present a dynamic message.

Mobile Stage Trailers Keep Business Moving Forward

By: admin admin | June 5, 2012 | Comments Off on Mobile Stage Trailers Keep Business Moving Forward

Mobile stage trailers are the perfect solutions for companies who are looking to reach different audiences in different geographical locations. Mobile trailers make your business portable, reaching different people on a daily basis.  Custom Trailers USA will focus on your needs and desires and design a trailer to market your business to countless customers. A store front only reaches a specific number of customers and is stationary. Don’t limit your business to one area; bring your business to your audience.

Sky’s the Limit

Forget about stationary stages – they limit your business plan. Indoor, permanent stages force the audience to come to you. With a mobile stage trailer, you bring the show and your business to the people. There are various trailers that are ready to advertise your business immediately or you can customize one from the ground up.  They range in size and if desired can be towable by a pickup or SUV, allowing ease in transportation – the perfect solution for your business marketing campaign! Marketing your business to the public is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach; it must be customized specifically for your business and customers.  Having a custom stage trailer built to your specifications can give your business complete flexibility and originality and allow you to move your location constantly.

Customize Your Stage Trailer

Stop wasting time looking for the perfect size trailer to rent. With a custom designed mobile stage trailer, you have the space to meet your needs and the storage to ease your worries.  Various options are available for your custom stage trailer and it can be customized to your specific needs.  All custom stage trailers are fully customizable and can be made in any size and can include many features for both interior and exterior design. Your specific decorating style can be discussed and designed, sound systems can be added, flat screen TV’s, bathrooms, conference rooms, storage rooms, and even a kitchen can be included in the trailer.

Built-In Marketing Platform

Owning a trailer instead of renting one also gives your business a marketing advantage. With a mobile stage trailer, you have control over the graphics on the trailer. There are multiple options and solutions for your custom stage trailer, letting you meet all your business needs. A company needs innovative ways to market their business to the public. You can advertise your business as you go, wherever you are.  Vehicle graphics can bring the product directly to the consumer.  With a twenty-five foot shot of your business surrounding your vehicle it is impossible to ignore and can be an aggressive way to market your business image; a traveling billboard. Flip-up signs can be added and easily installed in minutes after arrival at a location to attract even more potential customers.

Call us Today for More Information!

Mobile stage trailers provide many added benefits to your business: convenience, space, storage, location, and marketing. Regardless if your custom stage trailer is set up for a new product launch or regular business activity Custom Trailers USA has the solution for you.  The staff at Custom Trailers USA are experienced and trained in design and installation of trailers of all kinds.  Specializing in stage, exhibit, and concession trailers, we will work with you to minimize your stress and maximize your business potential.  Give your business the marketing edge and bring your business everywhere with a mobile stage trailer

Portable Stage Trailer for Your Summer Business

By: admin admin | May 30, 2012 | 1 Comments

Summer has finally come! The weather is beautiful, children are out of school, and everyone has headed out of doors to enjoy an entire summer of sporting events, water and amusement parks, and exciting festivals. Literally everyone is outside! So don’t limit your theater, dance, and musical performances to just an indoor stage when the entire outdoors could provide the perfect backdrop. While an indoor stage might be perfect for those colder months, no one wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful summer day. Instead, a portable stage trailer can bring your show to the people in the beautiful outdoors all the while providing the flexibility, storage, and mobility you need for your business.

Enjoy the Outdoors!

As you well know, during the summer months, there is a very large influx of families wanting to spend time outdoors whether near their own homes or on vacation; because of this influx of potential customers, having a portable stage trailer is essential for your business to flourish. While your standard indoor facility might be well suited for performances during the fall, winter, or spring, it can become a significant hindrance during the summer. Utilizing a portable stage trailer will help your business to significantly expand your clientele through various important venues throughout the summer, helping you to reach the crowds that attend all the summer concerts, festivals, and plays. Not only that, but portable stage trailers even help to provide the ideal backdrop for your musical and dramatic performances – what could be more impressive than all the sights and sounds of Mother Nature herself as the background for your concert or play?

Dual-Purpose: Indoor Stage

Now some might argue that a portable stage trailer’s use is limited only to the summer months, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact, if your indoor facility is large enough, you can simply drive your portable stage trailer through the back door entrance and carry right on with the show! By transporting your trailer inside, you’ll be able to use it all year long, both outdoors and indoors. Even if you opt not to use it all year round, the portable stage trailer can still provide valuable storage space for your business. This is just one example of how flexible portable stage trailers can be to fit the needs of your business in any season or situation. They are truly a valuable investment because of their multitude of uses.

Customize Your Portable Stage Trailer

Do you have very specific dimension or detail requirements for your portable stage trailer? Do you think you have a specification too strange for you to be able to use a portable stage trailer? Don’t worry! The professionals at Custom Trailers USA can design the perfect trailer to meet you and your business’s unique needs. Customization of the size of the trailer, the amount of extra storage, and those other functional components allow you to design the trailer that perfectly fits your requirements, no matter how specific. All this attention to detail in designing the trailer will help both the performances and your business to run smoothly, leaving you more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Renting v. Buying

Although some choose to rent a portable stage trailer instead of buying their own customized trailer, there are many drawbacks when it comes to this approach. As with any used object, a rental trailer won’t always fit your particular needs, and used rental trailers can be old and difficult to set up as well. Unlike a rental trailer, when you customize your own trailer for your business or personal use, you can specify each and every detail to better suit your needs. This might include details such as storage specifications, the size of the stage, or various doors and access-points. It could include even more specific details designed especially for your play or musical performance: a sound system for concerts, a quiet place to sleep for those long weeks on the road. In the end, having a customized trailer ensures your ability to maximize that space and time to their fullest potential. A customized trailer can also act as a mobile billboard for your business; the side walls of your trailer present a great opportunity for free advertising as you drive. Having your business’s logo placed on the side of the trailer for all to see as you travel from venue to venue will certainly generate interest among potential customers. In the end, a rented trailer will never be able to provide the same kind of quality detail or marketing power as a customized one.

Invest in a Portable Stage Trailer

With a customized portable stage trailer, your audience will be clamoring to come to you! When it comes to your business, customized trailers are flexible, designed specifically to suit your needs, and incredibly useful at any event. Even more importantly, you will be able to draw the summer crowds that attend sporting events, festivals, and parks to your performances in a way unparalleled by any indoor facility or rented trailer. Investing in a quality customized trailer that will improve your performances will help your business to grow stronger than ever.