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Rental Trailers from Custom Trailers USA

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There are trailers built to haul large equipment, there are trailers with awnings, there are even trailers with stages built in, but this trailer has it all. Built as a rental trailer for Custom Trailers USA, it has been fitted with amenities that make it a unique showpiece in any situation.

rental trailer


We have a wide selection of trailers for rental here at Custom Trailers USA. With a rental stage trailer, you can have features that allow the renter to open the entire trailer up, providing enough space to perform, sell product or hold showpieces. The end of this trailer opens up as a wide ramp to wheel up any equipment; it can also allow any customers or fans to enter the trailer without difficulty. As the picture shows, the front of the trailer also folds out as a large stage surrounded by railings. This stage nearly doubles the space this rental trailer can provide when opened. In addition the awning folds out to completely cover the stage space, allowing the renter to use the entire stage even if temperatures are soaring. Between the extras put into this trailer and the blank exterior that could work for any business, this rental trailer is ready for any adventure.

Portable Exhibit Trailers: Rooftop Signage = Exposure for Your Business

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Portable exhibit trailers provide a unique way and custom way for new businesses to reach new audiences. These trailers provide advertising as you’re driving, as well as act as a stationary billboard with its rooftop signage when you are parked.

Why a Portable Exhibit Trailer?

Invaluable Marketing Tool
Looking for a unique way to make a big splash in promoting your new business? These trailers reach a mass audience that other advertising efforts just can’t reach.

New Product Rollout
A portable exhibit trailer is perfect for launching a new product.  Don’t just go with the traditional announcements and advertising, create a custom portable exhibit trailer to showcase the new products. making company announcements, and acting as a silent salesman.

Silent Salesman
These custom trailers can sell without saying a word.  Let the rooftop signage, full graphics and interior display do all the talking, as this will stand out and make a statement to all that encounter it.  These trailers are designed to help increase your businesses sales and profits, informing customers about special events and discounts.

Use the portable exhibit trailer as key strategy in your marketing plan as a way to test new products, display merchandise, give hands on sampling of products, and act as a hospitality tool for customers and employees alike, or even for catering events.

Why Rooftop Signage?

Advertising and Branding
Rooftop signage provides excellent branding and advertising to the masses for your company.  This provides a way to create a “location on the go” outside of your typical brick and mortar location. With rooftop signage, your company’s name and logo will be displayed prominently, making customers feel at ease knowing they are working with a brand they trust and know.

Who is using Rooftop Signage?
More and more companies are using portable exhibit trailers to have remote locations at tradeshows, events and other community gatherings.  We recently designed a custom trailer for Verizon Wireless. This trailer has a straight passenger side trailer, which opens up and creates a portable location for the company.  With their rooftop signage, their trailer looks like a true store and provides the branding that clients are use to seeing. The signage opens up and displays the name and logo prominently.

What are the benefits of Rooftop Signage?
Be unique and stand out and above the competition.  When others are using tradeshow booths and table top stands, your portable exhibit trailer will display your company and products in a way that customers and onlookers will be excited about.

Branding, Branding, Branding!

This is one more place that you can advertise who you are and what your company does. Place your logo, name and any brand messaging across your rooftop signage to let customers know you are ready and “open for business!”  No matter what location you happen to be.

Make a splash in a new market with rooftop signage.  Don’t just put new products or display new ideas with simple signage.  Literally, stand up above everyone else!  Create excitement!

If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to grab attention and make a name in your your marketplace, consider designing your very own custom portable exhibit trailer with rooftop signage.  The benefits to both you and your customers will continue presenting themselves for years to come.

Benefits and Options for Using a Mobile Exhibit Trailer

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Every business needs to have a marketing budget.  As more and more businesses look to social media and email campaigns, perhaps you should consider using a mobile exhibit trailer to meet your marketing needs!  Just a few of the options for promoting your business using mobile exhibit trailers includes custom graphics on the side, flip up signs, rooftop advertising as well as removable signs and booths.  There are many benefits to using a mobile exhibit trailer and a variety of ways in which to use them.

Custom Graphics on the Side of the Trailer

One possibility for marketing your company or service is to put some custom graphics on the side wall of a mobile exhibit trailer.  Whether you need to advertise in a 10 foot space or a 53 foot space, Custom Trailers USA has something for you.  Think of your mobile exhibit trailer as a travelling billboard using your own custom graphics. Whatever message or design you are looking for can be customized to fit your specific needs.  Whatever graphic, font or pictures work for you can be customized onto the side of the mobile exhibit trailer.  Many large companies use this type of strategy as part of their world wide marketing campaigns. Think of some of the examples that you have seen while driving to a destination.  Many of these trailers provide instant and memorable advertising.  Charitable organizations find this a good way to advertise their phone number and location as well.  Think of how many potential customers you could pass on the road while easily showing off the amazing business that you represent, just by using the side wall of a mobile exhibit trailer. Even if the mobile exhibit trailer is parked in a stationary spot for any length of time, the information is being advertised without even lifting a finger.   No matter where you are travelling or what audience you are trying to reach, a mobile exhibit trailer can get the job done.

Flip up Signage

Another option on the mobile exhibit trailer is what is called flip up signage.  This visual display allows you to travel anonymously if so desired and then literally “flip up” the mobile billboard that you had tucked away while on the road.  The information that you decide to advertise is folded neatly away on the back of the trailer until you are ready to use it. This mobile exhibit trailer option is fabulous for those last minute events too.  No planning necessary, the information and graphics that you need are always there.  There are lots of options for this type of exhibit and it can be customized to fit your needs.  Some of the benefits of this type of advertising is that it is protected from the elements while traveling, but yet always there and can be displayed within minutes upon arrival at a special event.

Rooftop Signage

Want to add some height to your advertising?  Try rooftop signage.  This option on the mobile exhibit trailer creates higher elevation by using your design and having it displayed above the roof of the trailer, quite literally bringing the brand that you are marketing to new heights.  Maybe you have a travelling store and you set up shop in different places all the time.  This gives your advertising an edge and speaks to audiences everywhere.  If your trailer is to be stationed in a crowded area where people may have a hard time noticing the message that your company would like to advertise, then rooftop signage is just what you need.  The ability to put your message at a higher level of sight will create more likelihood that it will be noticed by the future customers that you are trying to find.  Using your mobile exhibit trailer and rooftop signage will also allow you to quickly open up your store and have an instant sign that people can see from far away.

Removable Signage

Sometimes it’s important to not only advertise while travelling, but also to be able to display your logos on signs and booths outside of the mobile exhibit trailer while it is stationary.  Think of being able to carry booths and podiums, etc. in the trailer and then set up all of these things spread out near your trailer so that no matter where the customers are, they can see the desired marketing.  Multiple staff members or employees can be conversing with potential customers all at the same time and have immediate availability of the advertising logo as well.  If there are products to be sold, or charitable items to be collected, you will have many options for setting up an area to do this, all while still being able to promote your business.

The options are unlimited when it comes to Custom Trailers USA.  A mobile billboard, immediate access to flip up signage, adding some height to the company name or removing the signs and being able to place them outside of the trailer as needed.  Every company has different needs when it comes to marketing.  A mobile exhibit trailer just might be the best way for you to reach your audience.

Elevate Your Marketing with a Mobile Stage Trailer

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Be bigger than the competition! A custom designed mobile stage trailer is the perfect tool to elevate your marketing and have your message stand taller than anyone else’s. With flip up and rooftop signage, you will beat the competition and wow everyone in the audience or parking lot.

What is Rooftop Signage?

Simply put, rooftop signage is the information you put on top of your mobile stage trailer, in the form of a sign. Any sign can be displayed on the top of the trailer, alerting your customers of your presence. Design your custom stage trailer to have signage that can flip up when you need to promote your business and then flip back down when you are traveling. Or have a permanent display on top of the roof, letting everyone know about your business wherever you go.

The Benefits of Higher Elevation Marketing

Standing out from the crowd is the best way to get attention for your business. Displaying your marketing message so that it rises above every other company’s marketing messaging allows you to capture the attention of people faster and draw them towards your mobile stage trailer earlier. This is your chance to display an eye-catching message and help you differentiate yourself from the competitors. Imagine you are in a parking lot or field with many other business owners who also have mobile stage trailers. But you are the only one with rooftop signage on your stage trailer. People walking by will see your sign before they see any other sign and will be more inclined to check out your business first.

What Can You Display with Rooftop Signage?

Standing taller than the rest of the competition isn’t enough. Your rooftop signage is the perfect place to introduce yourself to everyone, promoting who you are as a company and what you do. Displaying your name and logo is the best place to start when introducing yourself. Doing so gives past customers an easy way to find you. It also attracts the attention of new customers who see your name and logo before they see anyone other company. Instead of the name and logo, how about displaying a catchy phrase or tagline that emphasizes what your business is about? That will draw people in from all over the parking lot wanting to learn more about your business.

Why Invest in a Mobile Stage Trailer?

Every business has different marketing needs. If you travel a lot promoting your business, a custom mobile stage trailer with rooftop signage could help take you to the next level. It will allow you to reach a multitude of different people in any area of the country you can drive to. You become a portable billboard, promoting what your business wherever you go.

Owning a mobile stage trailer is advantageous and beneficial for your business and can create a lot of opportunities for you as well. Having signage that stands taller than that of the rest of the competition allows you to be noticed first and attracts a very large audience. The experienced workers at Custom Trailers USA can help you pick out and design a mobile stage trailer that best fits your needs. On your next business road trip, you’ll have everything you need with your mobile stage trailer to bring your business to the next level.

Mobile Store for Verizon Wireless

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mobile store

Verizon Wireless will be able to use this custom trailer for more than just towing supplies. Seen above is a trailer that has been fully equipped to be a mobile store. The detailing visible on the sides of the trailer leave no doubt that Verizon is setting up shop and is ready to do business.

Hands-On Experience

Not only can Verizon advertise their products from this customized trailer, they are able to bring phones and accessories along and sell them to customers immediately. This mobile store has been modeled to fit Verizon’s needs by allowing the entire side of the trailer to be opened up; the space generated by adding these swinging doors and awning creates a showroom capable of fitting both employees and customers comfortably. This openness brings an inviting quality into the space that draws in spectators who may not otherwise be in the market for a new phone or who would not regularly go into a Verizon store. By simply using this mobile store Verizon can expand their client base and increase sales with a new market of people.