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What a Food Trailer Could Mean for Your Business

By: admin admin | September 10, 2012 | Comments Off on What a Food Trailer Could Mean for Your Business

There’s selling and then there’s marketing. Looking to increase your revenue? This summer, you need to move beyond just selling hot dogs. Your product is too good to limit your effectiveness! Imagine the sales that will role in if you market your business with a food trailer! There are many great reasons to step up your business with a custom food trailer from Custom Trailers USA.

Increase Your Revenue with an Amazing Interior Space!

One amazing benefit of marketing your business with a food trailer is interior design. With a custom food trailer, you can create the custom space you need. You’ll have ample space to move comfortably while you’re cooking up your delicious meals. A custom food trailer can include a full kitchen. Imagine cooking on-the-go with fantastic appliances and tons of counter space. You can even design your trailer with additional, removable counter space. With all of your equipment accessibly placed, you’ll be able to work your magic efficiently. And having a custom food trailer will help you keep your surfaces sanitary so that you can produce your food safely and in accordance with the health code (and everyone knows that’s a win!)

Market Your Product On the Move!

There’s more to custom food trailers than interior design though; don’t forget the value of exterior design. Your customers may not be able to see what’s on the inside while driving down the interstate, but they sure can see the outside! Custom graphics can be loud and grab attention, even when traveling at 65 mph. While you travel to your sales destination, you’ll have three sides to use as your own personal billboards. You can even utilize rooftop graphics. Creating custom graphics will enhance your brand as you get the message out about your delicious food. You can even add a marquee sign for additional impact. The experts at Custom Trailers USA can help you explore your marketing options so that you can make the biggest splash possible.

Owning Your Own Food Trailer Increases Your Value Over Time

You’re going to be traveling anyway, so why rent a food trailer when you can design your own? With a food trailer from Custom Trailers USA, you can create exactly the space YOU need to create amazing dishes on the go. And because you own the trailer, you’ll be able to use the exterior to market your brand. With a rented trailer, you’d miss the opportunity to build brand recognition every time you travel to your destination, stop for gas, or purchase supplies. Together, these two features will help grow your business.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue and grow your customer base, look no further. Your customers will love your delicious food.  A food trailer is a fantastic way to add good business sense to your raw talent. You’ll be able to attract new customers, they’ll get to enjoy your food, and your revenue will increase. With a custom food trailer for Custom Trailers USA, you’ll get more bang for your buck—it’s that simple. Why does a food trailer trump a food cart or a rented trailer? With a food trailer, you get the space you need to work efficiently AND a built-in marketing plan to spread the word!

Custom Marketing Trailers Shed New Light on Businesses

By: admin admin | September 4, 2012 | Comments Off on Custom Marketing Trailers Shed New Light on Businesses

Moving supplies from state to state can be tricky business. Between the cost of purchasing a trailer and the skyrocketing price of gas, transporting materials can severely cut into the profit margin. With a simple, unmarked trailer the cost of transporting materials can make a large dent in one area of your company’s budget. However, money may be hiding in other parts of your budget that could soften the blow of that four dollar per gallon price tag. By investing in a custom marketing trailer you can take money allotted for marketing and put it toward transportation while still getting a unique kind of advertising. Simply driving a trailer with your logos and promotions custom painted on each side exposes your company to a new audience. Instead of purchasing a stand-still billboard that can only target a passerby audience, a custom trailer can be taken through any neighborhood to show new clients your products and your supplies can make it to their destination with time to spare.

A Worthy Investment

But these trailers have more than just a pretty face. Each custom trailer is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Investing in a custom marketing trailer will help transport supplies with ease as these trailers can be customized to fit your needs on the inside as well, allowing this investment to have more than just cosmetic value.  Every company has different supply needs so each one has different transportation needs as well. Purchasing a standard trailer leaves little room for adjustment which may mean trying to push a five-foot-tall display into a three-foot-tall space. Using these standard trailers could be disastrous to your equipment, but where the average trailer fails a custom trailer shines. From shelving to storage, a custom trailer will provide unique features to accommodate your business. Instead of worrying whether that giant display will tip over and break during the trip, you can enjoy watching people take notice of the customized trailer driving through their neighborhood.

Advertising While You Drive

Once your trailer is all packed and ready, it’s finally time to head out toward your destination. This is where your marketing budget earns its money. In a standard white trailer no one knows what you’re doing or what business you represent; there is no advertising happening whatsoever. A custom trailer tells a completely different story. In that custom marketing trailer you can be telling local potential customers that your business is right down the road. You can be telling non-local potential customers that your business is ready and willing to travel to meet their needs. Instead of that dusty sign on the side of the highway your marketing budget is paying for an advertisement that will reach a targeted audience of people who may need your product or service. This is a group of people that may never be aware of your company otherwise, people who could choose to take their business elsewhere simply because they do not know your company exists. Using a custom trailer is also a much more versatile form of advertising. Unlike that clumsy billboard your custom trailer can be changed to reflect new sales, special announcements or even unique services that may be offered.

Additional Options Available

These advertisements will be serving you at every stop light and corner by drawing in a crowd that may not have otherwise been exposed to your business. It is when the trailer reaches its final destination, however, that the customization really comes to life. Options like flip-up advertising signs, fold out stages, windows or cases for souvenirs and concessions will have been tailored specifically to fit your advertising needs. These extra selections give much more versatility than that standard trailer, which can only accommodate a few towing necessities. With the easy set up custom marketing trailers provide each one can be used for more than just transporting supplies. While you may need to haul new product one weekend, the next weekend that trailer could be parked at a local street fair with its stage and large display case showing the community what your business is all about. Each window and easy-to-open sign pushes you one step further than your competition by creating a new experience for customers. Custom businesses have custom needs, and a custom marketing trailer can help.

Increase that Return on Investment!

From hauling to advertising, your custom marketing trailer will make the journey much more worthwhile. This truly personal trailer can combine two parts of the budget and make each one more profitable. With a trailer where nearly every inch can be customized to fit your requirements, you will never have to worry about not having space for your supplies. Many hauling and advertising needs can be filled with this one simple investment, and a custom trailer’s distinctive method of marketing will pay for itself as new customers are exposed to your company. The decision to purchase a trailer is an important one, so be sure to consider the benefits of a custom marketing trailer for your next hauling and advertising needs.

Cooking on the Road with a Portable Kitchen

By: admin admin | August 27, 2012 | Comments Off on Cooking on the Road with a Portable Kitchen

Are you a restaurant owner with a signature burger that you wish you could share with the world?  Or maybe you are a BBQ fanatic who dreams of competing in national competitions? Or are you a caterer whose business is limited due to only having access to one geographic location? Owning a portable kitchen would remedy any of these problems and help make all of your culinary dreams come true!

Increase Your Reach with a Portable Kitchen

The primary reason to own a portable kitchen is that you can reach more markets. A portable kitchen concession trailer allows a business owner or culinary team to travel a great distance away from the business’s physical location without worrying that the food will turn out poorly due to the drive. Instead preparing everything in advance and keeping the temperatures steady, a portable kitchen allows for food to be prepared on site, no matter the distance traveled. A portable kitchen concession trailer opens the door for more business opportunities, and could potentially get your food into the mouths of people from all over the country.

Take Your Marketing To Go

In addition to transporting impressive menu items and signature dishes all over the country, a portable kitchen concession trailer also allows you to take marketing that you’ve already paid for with you. Instead of buying advertising space in the location you are traveling to, you can advertise your business on the outside of the trailer with custom graphics or display your business name on the side where everyone can see it. Or you can even create a truly unique experience for new (or returning) customers by placing a QR code on the outside of your portable kitchen trailer. While they wait in line to try some of your delicious items, they can easily access your website to learn more about your menu, permanent locations, and the business!

Customizing Your Dream Portable Kitchen

One of the best aspects about owning your own portable kitchen concession trailer is that you are able to customize the insides to your specific needs. If you need extra storage space, cabinets can be installed throughout the trailer. If you want to accomplish the travel with as few stops as possible, have a bathroom installed inside of the concession trailer. Can you imagine owning a fully equipped portable kitchen with sinks, ovens, gas burner cook top, and concession windows? With a portable kitchen concession stand, you can have that and a whole lot more. Or, if you do not want or need all the bells and whistles, you can design your own custom portable kitchen trailer just the way you want to so it fits your specific business needs.

No matter what your culinary business dreams are, from selling famous BBQ sandwiches or handing out snow cones in the park, a portable kitchen concession trailer is just what you need to take your business to the next level. You can travel the country delivering your signature items to new markets and spread the word about your business. And a portable kitchen concession trailer from Custom Trailers USA is customizable in any way to help meet your business needs. The professionals there can help you create your dream kitchen away from home!

Concession Trailers Provide Key Benefits for Business Owners

By: admin admin | August 21, 2012 | Comments Off on Concession Trailers Provide Key Benefits for Business Owners

Looking for a way to move your food business from a “brick and mortar” location to a mobile trailer? Maybe you want to add a mobile location to accommodate a new area, or an event. From the simplest of menus – doughnuts, frozen yogurt or coffee – to the largest of menus – pizza, hot dogs, burgers and fried concoctions,   Custom Trailers USA can build your trailer to accommodate any portable kitchen need. These portable custom trailers must also comply with the same health and safety regulations as traditional restaurants do. So, if your business involves selling food and beverages, you may want to consider designing a concession trailer with the following features.\

Three Basin Sink

When you’re selling food and other concessions, washing and sanitizing dishes is a key part of your business.  Customizing your concession trailer with a three basin sink makes washing all of those tasks more manageable, easier and keeps your trailer within health requirements of a mobile restaurant.  Ample room for washing, rinsing and sanitizing, a Custom Trailers USA basin sink makes having a portable kitchen even more accessible and easy to use.

Hand Washing Station

Even concession trailers must comply with public health regulations, just as brick and mortar restaurants must.  For your employees and customers health and protection, your concession trailer needs a place that serves specifically for hand washing and keeping your trailer and food items germ free.  This separate station is set up in an accessible area allowing staff to use before any food preparation is done.  Customers can be assured that your staff cares not only about preparing good food, but also about their health and safety from the food delivered to them. As a note, the three basin sink feature should not be used as part of the hand washing station.


Just because your business is portable, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space for running an efficient kitchen.  Ample shelving is available to hold all of your cooking needs, food items and serving utensils so you can easily get to them and keep your business running smoothly and effectively.  Whether you have pots and pans that need to be easily accessed, or recipe ingredients that need to be in reach, your concession trailer can be outfitted with the specific shelving to accommodate your needs, and maximize your space ensuring maximum productivity.


Have you ever gotten a sandwich where the bread is clearly misshaped, and the side of chips you ordered are more like a side of crumbs? This scenario can be avoided in your concession trailer by designing your trailer with storage units that hold all of your menu needs. Custom Trailers USA can outfit your trailer with storage that fits all of your breads, chips, mixes, spices and other items to make sure that your meals stay true to what the menu promises.


Refrigerator, stove, can openers…all of these are appliances that you may need to help your concession trailer prepare, cook and serve properly for your customers. Have concerns about the safety of your appliances as you move from location to location?  Don’t worry. Our professional installers will make sure that all of your appliances are safely and securely stored as you move down the road to your next destination, or close up for the day. Selling hamburgers, hot dogs or steaks and need a professional grill set up for your kitchen?  Let Custom Trailers USA install it to ensure safety as you travel, ensuring that you are ready for business when you arrive.

Flip Open Window

Provide an extra touch to your concession trailer by adding a flip open window to one or more of your walls.  This window not only allows for easy access of delivering food and talking to customers, but it also goes the extra mile of providing shade and protection.  We never know what the weather will do on a given day, so going the extra mile to take care of customers will be noticed!  Don’t let the rain or the hot sun keep your line from staying long with hungry customers.  Add your logo to the flip side to give your trailer even more recognition as people pass by, or when you are parked for an event. Let everyone know you are open for business!

No matter how big or small your food business, a concession trailer by Custom Trailers USA can be designed to meet your mobile kitchen needs. Whether you’re looking for a solution to your catering needs, opening a coffee bar, or simply using it as a concession stand at various events, these trailers offer on-the-go solutions to keep your business professional at every angle. Be sure to assess all of your needs to make certain you have the features you need to keep your “restaurant on the go” running smoothly and efficiently. From optimizing your interior space to meeting all health codes, and reaching your clients effectively, your concession trailer is sure to make an impact on your customers and your bottom line.

Concession Trailer for Tea Buds Brewing Company

By: admin admin | August 16, 2012 | 1 Comments

Concession trailers have to have more than just a pretty exterior, they must be functional too.  After skinning a trailer, Tea Buds Brewing Company’s concession trailer needed some additional features. A three compartment sink, such as the one on the right, was built  into this trailer for the convenience of a kitchen on the go. We also added a hand washing station, a concession window and the necessary appliances to complete this concession trailer.

concession trailer

Hot Tea, Hot Graphics

Instead of being rooted to one place, this concession trailer allows Tea Buds to get out on the road and advertise their teas beyond the walls of their Indiana kitchen. Running water and sanitary surfaces will allow operations to run smoothly inside the trailer, while custom graphics will do the marking work from the outside. With a custom concession trailer from Custom Trailers USA, Tea Buds can reach more people and spread the word about their delicious teas and pastries!