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Image, Convenience, Cost-Savings & More! Get In It To Win It With A Custom Racing Trailer

By: admin admin | October 8, 2012 | Comments Off on Image, Convenience, Cost-Savings & More! Get In It To Win It With A Custom Racing Trailer

A custom racing trailer is a great investment — in your great investment — your prized race car! You’ve tweaked and tuned your precision machine to get it just the way you want it. Now, protect your cherished possession to assure it arrives race-ready in safety and style.

Get Off To The Races With Graphics, Storage, Ramps & More!

Sleek and shiny, buffed and polished, your race car gleams like a champion. Your custom racing trailer should look just as sharp. Roll up to the track in a racing trailer decked out in bold, colorful custom graphics that shout your team name and logo, turn heads, capture attention, and let your competitors know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond looks, you need a place for every tool and part and need every tool and part to be in its proper place. As you know, speed, accuracy, and efficiency are the name of the game when it comes to racing. A carefully planned and designed racing trailer with plenty of built-in shelving, storage, and tire racks will help the whole race run smoothly. While everyone else is scrambling around looking for bits and pieces, you’ll be on the track ready and waiting to go!

A strong, sturdy ramp enables you to glide in and out of your racing trailer with ease, while custom dimensions ensure your racing trailer is custom built to meet your exact specifications and budget. Not an inch of space is wasted, and every detail is carefully planned to suit your race car and meet your individual racing needs.

You Own The Road — Now Own The Racing Trailer!

You’re a race car driver. This means renting a racing trailer, likely, isn’t for you. You have very specific, sophisticated tastes and a certain sense of style and design. You want what you want, and you want a racing trailer created and built to serve your precise requirements. Plus, racing is your life. You’re in this for the long haul. You’re racing today, and you’ll be racing tomorrow. So, why rent a racing trailer that’s not even right for you when you can own one that was custom made just for you?

Plus, there’s the question of image. Do you want to look like a part-timer towing your car around in a rental trailer? Or do you want to establish yourself as a professional? Make a name for yourself? Start building your brand and your fan base and looking the part of the skilled contender you are?

Rev Up Marketing Opportunities With Custom Graphics And Signage!

Showmanship adds to the excitement of race day with sights and sounds that dazzle the crowd! Your racing trailer can help turn the spotlight on you and your team with built-in custom graphics and signage that yield big-time marketing results. Imagine seeing your team name and logo blanket your racing trailer from top to bottom and side to side in larger-than-life, high-def, four-color brilliance. Yeah, that’s the way you roll! As soon as you arrive at the track, be sure to jack up your rooftop signage, open out your flip up signage, and set down your portable signs for even more recognition and attention.

Before you even arrive at the races, your racing trailer helps get your name out there with free advertising everywhere you go. Think of it as a billboard on wheels! Nothing turns heads like hot looking graphics. What a great way to get noticed and increase your fan base all while capitalizing on the time and fuel spent to get you to your next big event!

Whether you’re zipping along the highway or celebrating with your fans after that next big win, custom racing trailer graphics give you lots of bang for your marketing buck and get you noticed both on and off the track. Mobile marketing graphics are such a powerful way to make an impact they are, in fact, reported to receive upwards of 40,000 impressions per day!

Speed Up Savings With Your Very Own Racing Trailer!

Why keep throwing away rental fees when you can invest in your very own racing trailer? You know you’re committed to racing. So, you can be sure your return on investment in a racing trailer — custom designed to safely house and carry your treasured race car — will be worthwhile. Investing in a racing trailer is a sound and wise decision that will save you money over the long run. Plus, the more your race, the quicker you’ll feel the benefit of owning your own racing trailer with a positive return on investment. And with the convenience of your own racing trailer, ready and waiting to take you from stadium to stadium, you’re certain to race more than ever before! Gone will be the hassles and roadblocks associated with lining up rental unit after unit. Instead, you’ll enjoy the open-road freedom of cost savings and convenience associated with owning your own precision planned and designed custom racing trailer!

Protect Your Investment With An Investment

You’ve invested so much in your race car. It’s only wise to protect your investment with a custom designed racing trailer carefully crafted to deliver your race car safely and securely from place to place — all while saving you time and money and helping build your brand and image as a serious racing professional.

Transporting a Car with a Car Hauler

By: admin admin | October 1, 2012 | Comments Off on Transporting a Car with a Car Hauler

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to bring a car somewhere, but cannot drive it there, Custom Trailers USA can provide the solution for you. Investing in a car hauler can make your trip a whole lot easier! Whether you have a race car, like to participate in car shows, or need to bring the grand prize to a carnival raffle, a car hauler can get your vehicle where it needs to be.

What is a Car Hauler?

A car hauler is a trailer that you can put a car into or on top of, depending on the type of hauler you use. There are two types; an enclosed car hauler and an open car hauler. Investing in a car hauler would be a wise choice if you frequently need to transport a car from one place to another without physically driving it there. For example, if you own car restoration business and have an older car you’ve fixed up and like to show off at shows and events to gain more business, but prefer not to add any more mileage to your vehicle, a car hauler would be perfect for you!

An Enclosed Car Hauler

An enclosed car hauler looks like a generic trailer, with the exception that it is designed to get a car in and out of it. Some common features include a ramp for easy access and a mechanism to hold the car in place while the trailer is moving. An enclosed car hauler protects your vehicle from the weather and adds an extra level of safety because your vehicle is locked up the car hauler.

The best part about getting an enclosed car hauler from Custom Trailers USA is all the unique customization options available. You can add a display window; allowing people to see your car yet still keep it inside the car hauler. If you have a lot of materials that you typically travel with, you can have extra storage spaces put into the car hauler so you can carry all of your materials in one location. Having custom graphics put on the outside of the trailer is a good way to get attention for your business even when your car is not visible. The outside of the trailer is also a great spot to display your marketing message and contact information. People will see your brand every time they go by the car hauler, whether you are traveling or already at your destination.

An Open Car Hauler

An open car hauler is more simple and less elaborate than an enclosed car hauler. It is basically a platform on wheels that attaches to the back of a towing vehicle. They do have ramps, just like enclosed trailers, yet they do not protect your vehicle from the weather. Usually an open car hauler is best for lightweight or standard sized cars that do not need the extra care and protection an enclosed car hauler would provide.

Transporting a vehicle can seem like a challenging task, yet with a car hauler, it does not have to be. Depending on your needs, you can pick from an open or enclosed car hauler. An open car hauler will get your vehicle from point A to point B, but remember, with an enclosed car hauler from Custom Trailers USA, you can protect your car from any bad weather, have a place to display custom graphics and your marketing message, and create all the storage space you need.

Car Trailers Keep Things Rollin’

By: admin admin | September 24, 2012 | Comments Off on Car Trailers Keep Things Rollin’

Are you planning to show off your classic car at the show this weekend? Why not show it off on the way there too? Especially if it’s a long journey to that car show this weekend – why not protect and enhance your investment? Just think about what a ride down that greatest of classic car routes, Route 66 through Chicago, St. Louis, down to Missouri, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup NM, Flagstaff, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino to Los Angeles could do to your car’s value if anything went amiss! Instead of putting wear and tear on your beautiful show car and adding precious miles to its odometer why not protect it and showcase it in a car trailer? That way you can go Chicago to LA and back with lots of stops but without a single scratch.

Avoid Scratches, Flat Tires, and More

It’s no secret that the value of a show car greatly depends on the condition of the car. And unfortunately driving the car, especially long distance and highway driving, put the condition of the vehicle at risk. Car accidents happen every day. So if you do plan to motor west or east, north, or south for that matter, don’t take a chance on damaging the car en route to a show. Keep that valuable gem safe and sound and even on display in a car trailer instead.

I know we’d all rather not think of all of the calamities that could befall our precious show car just driving it to the show but they are realities. Even a rock innocently kicked up by another vehicle or a piece of gravel flying from a passing truck can cause considerable damage to your car’s glass and/or paint job. And that custom paintwork is expensive. A nail in one of your tires can wreck the entire weekend and cost you a small fortune just for the replacement tire. Heaven forbid an accident, caused by another driver’s negligence or by sheer bad luck. Your years of work restoring that show car or just the time and money spent finding the perfect vehicle for you can be lost in an instant. Finding another car like yours could be next to impossible. Why take the risk?

Custom-Designed Car Trailer

A car trailer can be custom designed to meet your needs. You’ll need a ramp to get your vehicle into the trailer, of course but then you can add lots of other features like custom shelving and storage as well. Perhaps the greatest option for show cars is Custom Trailers USA’s glass sided trailer. Get to a car show and you don’t even have to worry about pulling the car out. A glass sided trailer with a raised floor really shows off the whole car profile. You could use glass sides to showcase your car and attract attention wherever you go. Clear glass-side trailers can be built from 12′ to 53′ in length.

And of course your custom trailer can also provide you with advertising on the go. You can promote your car, your brand, your business, or anything else you choose by adding custom graphics to the exterior of your trailer. Custom Trailers USA can help you design a great exterior graphics package that will deliver the message you want to communicate.

Finally, don’t forget to put safety first before you hit the road with your precious cargo. Make sure the tire pressure in your trailer and towing vehicle is set appropriately. Ensure that you have the right hitch to do the job. And, of course brush up on your towing etiquette.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important to observe all speed limits, use lower gears and break intermittently when on a descending grade. Allow for greater following and longer stopping distances behind other vehicles. Remember to consistently use safety gear for both short and long distances. Utilize wide trailering mirrors and allow other vehicles to pass. By following these procedures and driving a safe and reliable trailer purchased from Custom Trailers USA, your stress can easily be reduced and you can have a safe and enjoyable trip, while reducing any dangers to yourself, your family, vehicle, and possessions.

Protect what’s valuable to you. With a Custom Trailers USA car trailer you can ensure that your show car investment is well protected and well presented. With a recommended glass sided display trailer you can arrive at the show as part of the show.

Racing Trailers Provide Branding On and Off the Track

By: admin admin | September 20, 2012 | Comments Off on Racing Trailers Provide Branding On and Off the Track

Racing is a popular sport. Don’t just market your sponsor’s name on the track!  Keep it going by marketing the brand with a racing trailer.  On and off the track, this is a great way of keeping your brand in first place with consumers.  A racing trailer can remind people about upcoming events and get them excited for the race at the same time!

Every year racing seems to make a bigger and bigger impact in sports.  When people think of racing, most think of NASCAR racers with those brightly colored cars speeding around the track with sponsors name covering every inch.  There are brand names from A-Z that these cars promote every week. From week to week, fans see brands like Tide, Pepsi, Home Depot and more.  All of this becomes targeted marketing and leads to increased sales.  Traditionally, this is the only time these cars are marketing the brand on them… But with a racing trailer from Custom Trailers USA, these brands – national and local – can be seen off the track too!

Get Noticed!

The whole reason for these sponsors on the cars is to increase exposure – to a large audience.  Now, you can also promote when the car comes off the track and as you move along the highway.  Promote your car, company name and brand while you travel from race to race and event to event.  Let those on the road see right into your trailer and view your car as you head from town to town, race to race.  When you are marketing, every little dollar counts – and you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  A racing trailer holding your race car, keeps your advertising working for you, even when you aren’t in the driver’s seat, and also keeps your car safe and protected!

Giving Back

It’s the fans who keep the sport going, so making sure to thank and give back is always important to race teams and drivers.  Racing trailers can help you give back and promote yourself and where you’ll be at the same time.  Schedule a meet and greet with fans and use the racing trailer as part of your event set up. Fans love going to driver appearances and meeting the person they watch every race.  Getting up close and personal with car is also a huge part of these events.  Kids, young and old, will flock to see, touch and look inside the car! The trailer provides advertising when you arrive at a location for the driver, the brand and your sponsors.  Make sure everyone knows where you are when you set up! These trailers make a huge splash at outings and really draw attention to your appearances.  Racing trailers provide advertising without anyone having to say a word.

It takes a lot to race – so why not let your car work for you for a little while!  Be proud and show your car on the open road, so everyone knows who you are.  Showcase your car on the open road and the track and get double the exposure for your marketing dollars.  Why make people wonder, “What’s in the trailer?”  Let them see it – and start talking!

Dollansky Racing Trailer

By: admin admin | September 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Dollansky Racing Trailer

Built as a racing trailer for Dolansky Racing, this trailer is ready to tow some very expensive cargo. The mere size of this trailer tells onlookers that something important is heading down the road and inside there is plenty of space to haul even Dolansky’s biggest racer.

racing trailer

Custom Features of this Trailer

Transporting those racing vehicles can be tricky, so the side of the racing trailer opens to provide a ramp complete with tread, allowing vehicles to easily and safely roll in. It may seem sad to leave such extreme racing vehicles hidden from fans once they finish with a race, but not in this trailer. Equipped with side panels that can be raised to reveal windows and openings the racing vehicles can take center stage any time Dolansky arrives at a race. With such a flashy display and such extreme equipment Dolansky is sure to get a lot of attention pulling up in this racing trailer.